Fully customizable integrate online market place that specializes in connecting E/M Commerce to Brick and Mortar stores. The @home virtual marketplace platform specializes in Food Ordering, Mobile Payments, Analytics and Consumer Engagement. 

Fake Buster
A product verification platform that can enable your business to Track products down to the “last mile”. Also enables businesses that are not traditionally allowed to advertise their products to connect with their consumers. Fakebuster utilizes a unique algorithm to generate 1d and 2d codes / data matrices that can hold critical product data. This unique serialization system makes it impossible to replicate codes and helps build engagement opportunities with end user, user data collection and analytics.
Fake Buster

Push based platform that allows customers to set up preferences and accordingly receive offers from multiple vendors as well as recommends products based the users search interactions browsing. This product has an inbuilt Mobile wallet for enabling e-Commerce transactions and is fully Mobile 2.0 capable system that can deliver highly targeted marketing messages. The platform has an in built CRM toolkit for implementing loyalty programs and delivering coupons. 

Augmented reality enabler that helps brands drive sales through consumer engagement. Allows Gamification and drives engagement. The product allows companies of to add value to main stream media print campaigns. It enables the advertising have an avenue for instant consumer connect and drive analytics and intelligence for campaign effectiveness. It allows for multiple action points to be integrated.