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Internet has enabled different way of thinking and navigation has created lot of opportunities in this digital world. Similarly with this change in technology, Navigation enables the Mobile Platform for to create products and application. One of the fastest growing business segment, the global indoor location market will grow from $935.05 million in 2014 to $4.42 billion by 2019.Mobile has given a wide range of business opportunities which did not exist earlier. Indoor Navigation provides users with Mobile assistance, which guides them to reach on their destinations and many more using GPS, Beacons and photo based solutions.

  • Proliferation of smartphones. The vast majority of people who walk into a venue today come equipped with an incredibly powerful and low-cost enabling technology: the smartphone.

  • User expectations. Thanks to Google and Apple, billions of people have come to expect intuitive, flawless smartphone-based navigation in the outdoor world. Now user expect the same indoors too

  • Indoor positioning technology maturity.  A low-cost, flexible and powerful solution for indoor positioning has arrived in the combination of device-based sensor fusion and Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons.

  • Need to enhance user experience offline. Indoor navigation has a huge potential for enhancing a customer experience in retail stores, malls, hotels, stadiums and airports. As a result many venues / stores have started actively exploring the adoption of Indoor Navigation technology. The early adopter always gain a distinct edge over their competitors, so why are you waiting?

We provide following services as part of this vertical:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Mobile solutions based on GPS, BLE Beacons and photo based navigation.

  • Location-based couponing enabling mobile ads to be much more targeted and relevant to the customer.

  • Development, Customization, Implementation and Maintenance & Support

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